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About Us

UK & European Investments Ltd, LTG Capital and Britannia Pacific Properties have come together under one new brand, Blue Coast Capital.


The origins of the company lie in post-war retailing. Founders of the iconic 60s retailer Chelsea Girl and later River Island diversified their portfolio of businesses to include real estate, private equity, hotels & leisure and other consumer-driven businesses.


Today Blue Coast Capital stands separate from River Island. With a track-record spanning 50 years, it remains a privately-owned business with the financial strength to make decisions based on unique opportunities as well as long term trends.


The Blue Coast team sources, owns and operates a diverse portfolio of private and public assets from its headquarters in London with offices in Europe and the United States.



Blue Coast Capital has a 35-year track record of investing in the United States and currently owns and manages a diverse portfolio of private and public assets, handling real estate leasing services, real estate development services, and business advice relating to acquisitions internally or with joint venture partners.


Hector Caldera

Managing Director


+1 916 263 0222

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